Prayer List:
(Acts 1:8 Prayer Plan-Volume 19, Number 3, March 2017)

Urgent Prayer
1.  Pray for a spirit of prayer to sweep through our churches that would usher in true repentance and revival.
2.  Pray for those impacted by the storms in our area and those churches and individuals helping in the recovery.

Our Jerusalem
1.  Pray for our Vision to become a reality:  "Serving together the churches of the Mallary Baptist Association will make disciples to impact the world."
2.  We are praying for our churches and pastors according to an alphabetical list of churches.  Pray this time for New Union (Jerome Granade, pastor), Northside (Jimmy Cargle, pastor), Pine Forrest (Trey Brown, pastor), Pine Hill (Donnie Wright, pastor) Poulan (Jeff Carter, Interim).
3.  Pray for the churches without pastors: Beacon, Faith, FBC Acree, FBC Putney, and Poulan.
4.  Pray for our city and county officials in Dougherty, Lee, and Worth Counties.
5.  Pray for our schools, colleges, boards of education, superintendents, principals, teachers, and students.
6.  Pray for the lost in your family and your circle of influence (work, school, recreation, neighborhood, etc.).
7.  Pray for unity in the body of Christ in our association and surrounding area.
8.  Pray for the monthly meetings of the Prayer/Discipleship Team, Evangelism/Missions Team, Administrative Team, as well as the monthly MBA Prayer Time.
9. Pray for the Mallary Baptist Staff (Dr. Hans Wunch and Mrs. Pat Wilks).
10.  Pray for the Mallary Baptist Associational Annual Meeting October 19th at Antioch Baptist Church.

Our Judea
1.  Pray for our state government officials. 
2.  Pray for the Georgia Baptist Mission Board: its Executive Director (Robert White), its ministries, and other State Missionaries.
3.  Pray for Unite Georgia, an effort to invite 1 million families to Georgia Baptist Churches on Easter, 2017 to hear the Gospel of Christ.

Our Samaria
1.  Pray for our national government leaders.
2.  Pray for the North American Mission Board, its president (Kevin Ezell), staff, and its missionaries.
3.  Pray for the Southern Baptist Convention: Frank Page, CEO of the Executive Committee and Steve Gaines, SBC President.
4.  Pray for our SBC Annual Meeting June 13-14 in Phoenix, AZ.
5.  Pray for our partnership with the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association, New York; George Russ, Executive Director; its 260 churches; and their church planting efforts.
6.  Pray for the Associational Mission Trip to Ft. Peck, MT. 
7.  Pray for the revival of God's people and the spiritual awakening of our nation and the world.
8.  Pray for the protection and support of our law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS personnel.
9.  Pray for Brandton and Katie Wood and New England Church Planters.

Our Uttermost Parts of the World
1.  Pray for the International Mission Board--its president (David Platt), staff, and missionaries.
2.  Pray for the 1.5 billion Muslims of the world that they would come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is.
3.  Pray for the Gospel of Christ to come to the 1.3 Billion unreached people in the world.
4.  Pray for protection for our armed forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and around the globe.
5.  Pray that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria would have stable governments and that they would have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond.
6.  Pray for the persecuted Christians of the world, including the Christian refugees fleeing persecution in Syria.
7.  Pray for IMB personnel who are away from family, but carrying the name of Christ to the world.
8.  Pray that those who are seeking to escape religious persecution would find freedom, and for those who would use this humanitarian crisis for evil to be thwarted.

1. Praise the Lord for God's faithfulness to answer prayer according to His will and purpose.

Next MBA Prayer Time, March 20, noon (all are welcome attend).